Q1 2017
Our biggest priority this quarter has been completing the final steps of our certification program. For quite some time, Thread Contributor and Sponsor members have had access to a number of tools and capabilities that are designed to support and accelerate the Thread product development lifecycle. With the recent opening of our certification program and the launch of Thread 1.1 specification, it is now possible for Contributor and Sponsor members to certify Thread products.
These two major milestones have generated a new energy for the Thread Group, and we're extremely excited to see more Thread-certified components, products and applications -- in addition to the four initial reference stacks enter the market this year.

In case you missed it, the member meeting in Atlanta had a packed agenda with interactive general and breakout committee sessions that touched on a number of key priorities for the future of Thread. We also saw compelling demos from a number of our members and heard insightful presentations from the Fairhair Alliance and ARRIS.

We ended the quarter on a high note with a successful event: The Thread Group Technology Workshop hosted at the Google Executive Briefing Center in Mountain View, CA. The event proved to be an ideal opportunity for attendees to gain a better understanding on the benefits of Thread to IoT developers, how to start building a Thread product and to network with other IoT developers and influencers. Attendees gained an in-depth overview of Thread, its key benefits, how to get started with the four certified stacks and a better understanding of several application layer options in the market. Thank you to the Thread Group, the Thread Group Board of Directors, our partners, and everyone who was involved in making this event a success!

Grant Erickson,
President, Thread Group
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February 10, 2017
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Thread Group Showcases Thread-Based Products And Ecosystem At CES
January 4, 2017
Thread Group Takes Leap Forward With Availability Of First Certified Software Stacks From ARM, NXP, OpenThread And Silicon Labs; Launches Product Certification Program
February 9, 2017
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The Thread Certification Program is officially open! Check out our latest blog to find out how to
Nothing puts the "smart" in #smarthome more than a demo of a seamless #IoT ecosystem. Sands Expo booth 40343
#CES2017 #CES #BuildonThread
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  • 17 companies demonstrated seamless connectivity built on Thread networking technology at CES 2017
  • Thread Group certification program launches and announces availability of four certified stacks from ARM, NXP, OpenThread, and Silicon Labs

  • Thread Group hosts successful Technology Workshop at Google Campus on March 27, 2017

  • As a result of Q4 PR outreach, Thread was featured in 83 news articles reaching more than 248.1 million people. See highlights on the Thread website under In the News.

CABA Forum
April 27, 2017 | Santa Clara, CA
Grant Erickson, President of Thread Group, to speak on the "Connected Home: Moving Interoperability Forward" panel.
IoT World
May 17, 2017 | Santa Clara, CA
Grant Erickson, President of Thread Group, to speak on "Understanding the Complexity and Interoperability of IoT Platforms".
Connections 2017
May 24, 2017 | San Francisco, CA
Grant Erickson, President of Thread Group, to speak on the "Connected CE Strategies: Building Product Ecosystems" panel.
Thread Group All Members Meeting
June 27-29, 2017 | Vancouver, BC
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Thread's Fast Ramp Tools!

Thread Group continues to be committed to providing outstanding value to its members. Sponsor and Contributor members have access to valuable tools aimed at helping them bring Thread-based products to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. These tools include:

The Thread Commissioning App speeds prototype/implementation of the Thread device commissioning process for end users. The first beta release of the compiled app is now available via the Google Play Store (see the Member Portal landing page for the link), and an iOS version will follow suit shortly. Source code for both the Android and iOS apps are available to Contributors to examine, modify, and use in demonstrations, test beds, or shipping products and apps.

In conjunction with a very inexpensive test bed, the Thread Test Harness software speeds time-to-certification by enabling Contributors to replicate the test environment used for certification. It provides them with the means to debug and pre-validate Thread implementations internally, saving countless hours of lab time at a 3rd party test facility. Thread Test Harness licenses, including maintenance updates and support, are available free to Contributors.

A suite of Thread Test Harness Extensions enables Contributors to leverage the Test Harness to provide advanced test capabilities, including:

Development of custom Thread tests for internal use
  • Automation of Thread test execution for specific devices-under-test (DUTs)
  • Integration of Thread testing into an existing automated regression environment.
  • Test Harness functionality can even be extended to control the testing of other technologies, enabling Contributors to create a comprehensive regression environment based on a free platform.
Thread Group is pleased to announce that the dissectors for the Thread protocol have been accepted into the public release process by the Wireshark project (! These dissectors are now part of the main development trunk of Wireshark and enable engineers, developers, and system integrators to see the contents of network packets, bit-by-bit and field-by-field, at the IPv6, Thread, and 802.15.4 layers. To access the development code and builds, go to and follow the links under "Live on the Bleeding Edge". To see the specific Thread updates, look at changes 20585, 20594 and 21042.

Don't miss an opportunity to become part of the Thread community!

The Thread Group is pleased to offer our liaison partners an opportunity to join the Thread community at the contributor level for the special price of $9,500, more than 35 percent off of the regular $15,000 annual fee. Offer is only valid through June 30, 2017 so don't wait to join! Please click here for more information:

Explosive growth expected in the industrial sector

According to industry forecasts by IHS-Markit, the commercial and professional building segments are on pace to reach just over 1 billion connected devices by 2018, and has made its greatest strides in the areas of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, and access controls. Analysts predict explosive growth in the industrial sector through 2025. Demand is particularly steep for building automation and control systems (BACs) that control devices and enable improvements in operational and energy efficiency. Two areas in particular-energy management and lighting- offer the most immediate opportunity for efficiencies and improvement.

The industrial segment shows the most rapid expansion through 2025, followed by the consumer market.
You'll be able to learn about member benefits as well as follow a link to the membership form.
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