Thread Group & CABA Partner to Reach IoT Interoperability Goals

By Rawlson King, Communications Director, CABA

The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of intelligent home and intelligent building technologies in North America and increasingly throughout the world. Our organization is supported by an international membership of nearly 400 companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation and retailing of products relating to home automation and building automation.

One of the most crucial functions of CABA is to educate industry stakeholders and consumers about the advantages of interoperability in connected homes and intelligent buildings. We believe the agreement between CABA and the Thread Group will advance this goal. Our agreement focuses on sharing information and working together on issues that matter to both organizations. Specifically, CABA and the Thread Group can now establish forums and exchange information on connected home and intelligent building issues and plans, and share information on key topics affecting the development and implementation of home and building automation in relation to the Internet of Things.

CABA has focused on IoT as of late and recently completed a research project, “Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things”. This landmark research study was a major initiative of the CABA Research Program, which offers a range of opt-in technical and advisory research services designed to provide industry stakeholders with collaborative research and R&D opportunities.

The report found that IoT is not a specific device or technology, but is a conceptual framework, driven by the idea of embedding connectivity and intelligence in a wide range of devices. The report projects that by the end of 2025, there will be approximately 70 billion IoT-connected devices and that annual shipments will have reached 18 billion devices per annum. The research project was conducted by IHS Markit on behalf of CABA and found that the Internet of Things is a great tool to improve the efficiency of building automation systems and to change the dynamics for building management.

CABA believes it is critical that organizations in the building and IoT value chains have a solid understanding of the current state and future direction of the building IoT market. Consequently, we undertook this research project to provide a comprehensive examination of all the major aspects of IoT related to buildings, including the state of the market, building IoT trends, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues and industry recommendations. Organizations participating in this project have deemed it a success.

Further, CABA recently held its annual Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum in Silicon Valley. Our organization’s flagship annual event brought together leading organizations involved in the integration of intelligent building systems and connected home technologies. Over 200 key stakeholders and industry leaders gathered to discuss current trends in the intelligent buildings and connected home sectors. The event focused on IoT and discussed mass-market smart home adoption.

Thread Group’s President Grant Erickson was present and shared Thread’s point of view on IoT Interoperability on a panel entitled, “Connected Home Track: Moving Interoperability Forward.” He was joined by speakers from Open Connectivity Foundation, ZigBee Alliance, Z-Wave Alliance, KNX Association, Fairhair Alliance and the Multimedia over Coax Alliance.

“Given the size of the panel it was encouraging to hear the harmony among panelists, who represented many different layers of the OSI/Internet stack,” said Erickson. “All were in agreement that IP is where the market is headed even though there will always be different link and link types for different products / applications.”

“The Thread Group looks forward to collaborating with CABA, to deliver increased value and present new opportunities to both memberships,” he added.

To learn more about CABA, its research and other membership benefits, please visit

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