Thread Certification Program Opens: Top Reasons to Get on Board Now!

By Mick Conley, Thread Certification Committee Chair, and Jeff Mabert, Thread Certification Manager

Today marks another big milestone for The Thread Group: the official opening of our certification program! To celebrate, we announced two things:

1. Stacks from ARM, NXP, OpenThread and Silicon Labs have successfully completed rigorous interoperability testing to become the first stacks to achieve certification as Thread Certified Components.
2. The Thread 1.1 specification is now available making it possible for all Thread members to develop Thread products.

So why certify your Thread product? Suppose you are a consumer wanting to buy products from various vendors and have all of those products installed and work together easily and quickly. Our product certification program will help assure that users such as yourself will enjoy this consistent experience with Thread products out-of-the-box.

This milestone is the culmination of significant investments and efforts from the Thread Group. As a result, members now have the option of using one of these certified stacks to reduce both risk and time-to-market.

An essential part of achieving interoperable products is having and executing on an industry certification program. Thread certification provides several benefits to our members.

  • Certification greatly increases members' confidence in specification conformance, interoperability, and network security.
  • Certified devices contribute to easier installation/setup, fewer store returns, and higher overall consumer and retailer satisfaction.
  • Certification and Thread Group membership allows the use of Thread branding in companies' marketing material.
  • Liaisons with Zigbee, EEBus, Open Connectivity Foundation, Fairhair, etc. provide the ability for Thread devices to progress the IoT ecosystem with other complementary technologies. This interoperability provides a uniform, sharing environment for OEMs, and harmonizes the product landscape, which reduces proprietary solutions in the market that keep consumers locked into one brand of devices and limits choices.

So are you already on board? Working on certifying your Thread products? If not, don't miss out on the many benefits Thread Group provides. Join Thread Group today to get access to the specification and certification tools, develop your product, and complete Thread product certification to gain the intellectual property rights to market and ship your solution.

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