Top IoT Trends for 2017: The Thread Group Looks Forward to Another Banner Year

By Thread Group

The Internet of Things continues to advance - and we like to think the Thread Group contributed to that progress. We expect to see even greater IoT growth next year, and have compiled some key predictions for 2017 from editors around the web:

According to's Ben Rossi, 2017 will bring advancements in IoT architectures, including a significant increase in the move to hybrid architectures; more augmented reality-based products; better analytics (deep learning); a fight for who runs low power, wide area (LPWAN) networking; and more consolidation in the space as the strong companies survive and the "smaller players are gobbled up to build out more robust portfolios." According to Rossi, we'll also see more companies striving for security and integration.

And The Internet of Things Institute's Brian Buntz compiled 11 predictions for 2017, which include industrial IoT applications becoming smarter and more powerful, with applications that solve real problems that consumers (and businesses) can actually understand - and that might actually have a service component. There will also be more data collection in the cloud, growth despite security concerns, and an increasing number of startups leading the way. But don't expect it to be easier to hire IoT professionals!

For Thread's part, we've seen some of these predictions start to take shape in 2016, which has been an incredibly successful year for our organization. Some of our highlights include:

  • Release of the Thread 1.1 Specification to Thread Group Members in July
  • Launch of the 1.1 Conformance program in November following exhaustive conformance testing with multiple stack providers against the 1.1 specification
  • Availability of spec conformant stacks from ARM, NXP and Silicon Labs
  • Access to technology tools- specifically a Commissioning App and an Automated Test Environment - to help Contributor and Sponsor Members accelerate their use of Thread technology and certify devices and components
  • Expansion of Thread beyond the home into the commercial and professional sectors
  • Creation of key liaison partnerships with Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Fairhair Alliance, and EEbus to drive Thread footprint and adoption in adjacent market spaces
  • Vibrant first presence at CES 2016 with expanded plans just around the corner for CES 2017 - Make sure to come visit us!
  • Continued strong media coverage and social media presence
  • Recognition of the value of start-up companies to the IoT industry with two Innovation Enabler Award recipients - Rain Machine and Behold Control Equipment
  • Hosting the first webinar, "Getting Started with Thread"
  • Launch of the Thread blog and availability of short FAQ videos
  • Increased industry visibility with Thread representation at 18 events worldwide!

In addition, in just December alone, we've announced two new successes:

The Thread Group and the ZigBee Alliance successfully demonstrated products running ZigBee's universal language for smart devices on a thread network

The Thread Group and Fairhair Alliance aligned to collaborate on Internet standards-based communications in commercial buildings.

We can't wait to see where these relationships - and others - will go in 2017. We greatly appreciate our members and their continued investment in and support of the Thread Group and Thread.

We're looking forward to another successful year!

Happy Holidays!
Thread Group

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