Thread expands wireless networking protocol into commercial and professional sectors


Thread is a wireless mesh network designed to securely and reliably connect hundreds of products around the home - including appliances, climate control, lighting, safety and security devices. While furthering the adoption of Thread’s networking specification for the home, the Thread Group is expanding its connectivity solution into the commercial building and professional sectors.

From building security to energy management and lighting, Thread brings tremendous value to a range of commercial building applications to make building performance more efficient and to enhance the building user experience. New extensions to Thread’s existing specification are designed to address commercial use cases through:

  • Advanced IT security options
  • Multiple product commissioning
  • Large- and sub-network creation

According to an industry forecast by Memoori, IoT deployment in commercial buildings will continue to grow at a rapid pace over the next few years, and is on pace to reach just over 1 billion connected devices in 2018.

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